10 Brilliant Benefits of Having a Live-Location Sharing App

A live location sharing based app like CatchMe can be very beneficial for you if used subtly. It features many different functions which make it a fine quality Friends & Family Locator App.

  1. Keep the Location of Friends & Family Known

According to scientific studies, stress and anxiety involve people in everyday forgetfulness, especially when going to work or when they go to places. They feel overwhelmed and amidst of all this, always remain concern about the whereabouts of their Family members.

But with CatchMe you can easily determine the location of your friends & family members. Whether you have school-going kid or teenager son/daughter or spouse, you can monitor them simultaneously and instantly with this Friends & Family Locator App.

  1. Share Your Live-location

This function allows you to pass the address where you are in your contact. You only have to access the map, visit the menu in the app and just tap the option “Share location”.

  1. SOS which Functions Offline Too

Very useful when you are on vacation and do not get data-network on your mobile when the signal is not good. The app registers the latest possible location and even shares with trusted preset contacts in case of emergency.

  1. Easy to Use SOS Feature

For ensuring the safety of any person, the quick responsive SOS function is a must. CatchMe is having easy to use SOS button, which can be tapped easily at the time of need. It will send a siren based alert to preset contact, which will be hard to ignore, hence, assuring the immediate action.

  1. Find the Exact Location of Offices & Commercial Spaces

The search engine can inform you of the actual affluence to a certain address, for example, a shopping center where you had planned to go shopping. You just have to find the name of the shop in CatchMe, enter its name and you get the exact location of that commercial space.

  1. Determine Congested Traffic Routes

The system can alert you about congested areas and help you find alternative routes to reach the required destination quickly.

  1. Find Nearby Professionals

The “Keyword Search” function will serve you when you are in a neighborhood that you do not know, and you need a specific service such as electrician or plumber or doctor or some type of professional assistance.


  1. Geo-Fencing or Meetup Feature

Just set up an area and add members for that meeting, you will get notified as anyone of them enters or exit the marked area.

  1. Monitoring the Location of Vehicles or Fleet

Imagine a fleet management system that helps with the location and monitoring of fleet of cab/bus/truck; does it sound useful, right? Imagine that you can know the times of detention, and geographical areas, kilometers traveled, and location-based historical records with CatchMe.

  1. Chat Feature

You can stay connected with this “Friends & Family Locator” app not only through the location-based sharing but also with the help of Chat feature. You will not need to switch between different app. If you want to have an immediate chat with your contact, just use the Chat feature of CatchMe.

Download the CatchMe now from Google Play store. Avail benefits of Friends & Family Locator app and ensure the safety of your family members and friends as well as your own. Visit https://goo.gl/U6ZAKH

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