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Bringing to you ‘CatchMe’-The best Live Location app- Stay Safe, Stay Connected!

Good news for all you folks out there, who find it extremely hard to stay connected with your dear ones. Parents too stop worrying about your wards, put your safety concerns aside as Catchme claims to be the best Live Location app till date, and in no time has proved it too!

Technology has taken complete charge over the lives of humans. With huge advancement made in the field of IT and science, the day is not far when with a simple click one could travel to space without any map or GPS. GPS is one of the most fantastic utilities devised by man and has contributed majorly in the field of science and IT, giving our developers an opportunity to invent something which is called a Live Location App.


What is GPS and why is it required for creating a Live Location app?

  GPS or Global Positioning System is a network of orbiting satellites that send exact details of their position in space back to earth. The signals are obtained by GPS receivers, such as navigation devices and are useful in estimating the exact position, speed and time of any vehicle’s location. Thus, by using any GPS based app or device one can not only locate certain things but it also helps in locating people.

Best Live location app in the market

Every company strives to bring out the best features in the app they want to launch in the market. However, only few comprehend and articulate the needs of the common man. What makes an app the best live location app in such a competitive scenario is the deep thought process that goes into the development of this app, facilitating a secure and authentic app developing procedure and not ignoring the masses it aims to cater to.


Benefits of Live location app- Catchme App-How is it different?

  • To start with, catchme app is on the verge of becoming one of the fastest downloading live location App. The reason for this would be its accessibility. This app is not limited to just android users. Catchme provides all the iOS users too an opportunity to explore the some of the coolest features available in just one App.
  • With its simple, subtle yet smart approach, this live location app allows itself to be more user-friendly and user-specific. It caters to multiple users and hence can be operated by all age groups (of course infants, and new born babies are exceptions, unless they are babies from the future*chuckles*).
  • The app being cost free acts as a cherry on the cake. All you do is install it and get ready to connect in an instant.

Promising features Offered

Be a happy Logger. Once you sign in on this app, (this too is not a herculean task-all you need is one authentic email-id or simply your 10 digits, which in turn generates an OTP, allowing you to Log In), and have configured it according to your needs, you are ready to GO! As mentioned above, Catchme live location app provides you with some all new features. They are:

  • SOS feature, ensuring safety– With this Emergency alarm feature you can send your location in times of unfortunate and unexpected injuries or calamities to the trusted list of contacts you have added on this app.


  • Privacy – This feature gives you a chance to restrict any other user from intruding into your privacy, as it is you who decides who can view your live location and who cannot. Thus, yet again ensuring safety from any kind of security threat.



  • Live Location App Sharing– Now this feature sounds unnerving at first, but it gives you an added advantage, as unlike other apps, catchme live location app lets you share your current location with your friends and family. However, don’t panic , you can control this feature too by making your location STATIC, so that if you do not wish to share your location , you can do so , by just using this option.


  • Meet up and Geo fencing – Have a group of friends you meet regularly on weekends? Contacting each one separately and deciding on where to meet and what time to meet acts like a fly in the ointment. Bid adieu to all such worries, and enjoy the comfort of reaching to your friends with this simple feature. You can create meeting areas and time alerts using this feature, which is less time consuming and you don’t have to worry about all the lies too. Ecommerce companies too can benefit by offering carefree delivery services to their clients, making sure the product is delivered safely and on time.


  • M Chat– Simplest way to stay connected with your loved ones is by dropping a text. This feature too has been added to this live location app, making things smoother and convenient for any customer, as you don’t need a separate app for chatting and texting. You can chat right away along with being aware about the current location of your friends and family.


  • Keywords– This option lets you create a network on the work front. You can widen your social networks and promote your business by using this particular feature. In need of a professional singer, dancer, choreographer, doctor, journalist etc?? Fill in the keywords and this feature provides you with some promising results.


      These out of the box features just changes the way you look at the world and without jeopardizing your security, allows you to connect with the world around you with better conviction and trust. You just need to search and install ‘CATCHME App through Google’s PlayStore and experience the best services provided ever by any live location app. “CATCHME- Stay safe, Stay connected.”

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