CatchMe: The Best Ever Solution for Getting Help in Emergency Situation

Have you ever wondered how you would describe where you are if you ever need help while hiking?

“I’m standing next to a leaning tree; there are pretty yellow flowers and a big rock in the shape of a lion’s head.”- That would be the answer of an average hiker gone to a new destination for exploration.

Even if you know where you are, it is not necessarily easy to describe the exact location, especially in an emergency situation. In this case, using coordinates is very convenient because it is precise and completely objective. If you had the CatchMe app at that time, you could have easily told the exact location through Live-Location Sharing.

Let’s take another such example; recently a 13-14-year-old boy went to roam casually with his friends to explore the big city where he had come from his town just a couple of weeks ago. After roaming few places, his friends went apart for their home at the beginning of the night. But being a new person in town, that child was unknown to the exact routes for his home and went in opposite direction.

Now during late hours at night when his relatives tried to contact him through his mobile phone, he was not able to describe the exact location. He had to rely on strangers for determining his location. He got help as it was a big city, but what if he had lost at some rural destination. How would he be able to determine and share his location?

This is what the CatchMe application is based on, i.e; “Live-Location Sharing”. It is an application that was developed while keeping in mind how to ensure the safety of an individual through Live-Location Sharing. We will see how it works, what are its benefits, and 3 things to keep in mind – while using this Friends & Family Locator application.

How CatchMe works?

The SOS operation of CatchMe application is extremely simple:

  1. You just have to pre-set some trusted contacts which you would like to be contacted at the time of an emergency.
  2. You tap the SOS button on the Smartphone, which enables Live-Location Sharing through the SMS and alert notification containing the details of latest available live-location.
  3. Your Live-Location detail is sent through a hard to ignore siren based alert to the pre-set contacts as well as nearest police and health services, which helps them to intervene more quickly and accurately.


What are the Advantages of CatchMe?

The advantages of this Friends & Family Locator application are numerous:

  1. It allows you to geo-locate precisely through Live-Location Sharing even if you do not know exactly your position or have difficulty communicating it.
  2. Even if GPS system is not working at the moment, it shares the latest available location details with the preset contacts.
  3. It is compatible with all kind of Android smartphones from the OS version 5.0 & above.
  4. CatchMe ensures quick help by easing the nearest and uninjured available contacts find their way to the point of miss happening.
  5. Along with SOS feature, CatchMe constitutes many more useful features such as Geo-Fencing (Meetup) and Chat (mChat) feature.

Some Limitations to be Considered

Now let’s go to the limitations of this application that is important to know, as with any security system:

  1. This Friends & Family Locator application requires having a smartphone or CatchMe compatible GPS enabled device, it will not work in a “conventional” mobile phone without a GPS chip.
  2. This Friends & Family Locator application requires proper telephone network of your operator. The GPS of your smartphone works without a telephone network, but to contact the emergency services and receive an SMS, you will need it.
  3. This app requires having a data subscription, as the GPS is needed to be activated of your smartphone through that data internet (data). This may require having enough battery.

The existence of such Live-Location Sharing App should not exempt you from taking all the necessary security measures (such as informing a loved one about your trip). Along with installing CatchMe, you need to leave prepared. The fact that relief is available should not change the safety preparation of your trip.

Feel free to share this article with your loved ones; such a safety application deserves to be known.

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