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Some of the reasons behind the launch of our family safety app


CatchMe Team had a chat with some mothers to try to find out about their experience. Read below the interesting and often stressful life of these wonderful mothers.

Madison is a working mother with 3-year-old girl. She had often experienced conflict between family & career responsibilities. Often she had to take leaves or go home quickly to take care of a growing son. She loves to play and spend time with him but financial responsibilities are also to be considered. One of her biggest stress was the welfare of her son. Madison employed a baby-sitter to look after her son after school time; still she cannot be completely anxiety free.

According to Madison – “I developed a habit of calling up to 4-5 times to check on my son. There are many cases where play ground or school accidents happen in my locality, so I stay updated as much as I can. There was never any time for me when my kids were growing up and not to be considered as a bad mother but sometimes I desperately wanted to leave my responsibilities for a few hours and enjoy a night out with friends.”

Emily is a homemaker and she had two adorable twin girls. It was ecstatic feeling to be a mother but managing two toddlers at the same time was an exhausting job. The day those beautiful girls first went to school was a trying day for Emily. Staying away from them for the whole day was not easy for her, as she had become used to looking after them.

“It was not a good feeling, leaving them is some strangers hands as well as waiting at the bus stops to pick or drop them for school. I used to call twice or sometimes thrice to ensure they are safe. Because of this the teachers there labeled me paranoid, but all I wanted was them to go school and reach home safely.”

Isabella, who is late in her 60’s, has done a good job of bringing up three sons and now they worry after her as she is becoming a little forgetful. Isabella told CatchMe team, it started with forgetting little things as house key, phone, or purse while going outside and this made her sons wary about her safety. “They cannot reach me when they want as I tend to forget the cell phone at home. At one time, I was late from the lunch date and they were panicking, calling our mutual friends to enquire. In my case, taking care has really changed as they now use to take care of me.”

These are some of the women, among millions, who are taking care of their family and sometime want to enjoy a stress free night out. For all these women, making certain their family faces minimum stress as well as ensuring everyone’s safety comes first. Whether they are young children, kids, or elders, each one needs some special security blanket.

Every family has different safety measures to try and keep kids far away from harm. With the aim to provide better security measures, CatchMe has launched a family safety app, CatchMe, to help families stay safe as well as connected.

Please share with us, how you keep your family safe, and what else you think can be done to help mothers feel less anxiety every time their kids go outside.

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