Keep Your Family in Sight With The Best Family Locator App

With the help of CatchMe, the best family locator app for android phones, you can keep your family safe & secure.

In the age where despite rules & regulations, violence and accidents are on ever increasing crest, keeping your family safe is the first priority but how can concerned parents achieve this without blocking freedom of their kids, how can a women be safe without sacrificing her job. These are some of the questions faced daily by everyone – concerned parents, women, teenagers, old age dependants.

Measures are being taken all over the world to curb road accidents, violence, assault, & bullying. Still these are not sufficient as we can see from the alarming statistics.

1.25 million Road traffic deaths occur every year and its number one cause of death among the age group 15-29, according to WHO.

Therefore, we can see that even with strict traffic rules & regulations, one person lose his/her life every 25 seconds. Obviously, we cannot prevent accident from happening but we can take precautions and get help quickly to minimize damage.

Family Locator App to help your loved ones reach safely

CatchMe is a unique family locator app, which would help you guard your family members through this app. Running late from office and have to walk home in night, no worries just contact your family members, give them your location and know that they are looking out for you. This is only a scenario among many as to how CatchMe can help you.

Mark the areas where you do not want your kids to go as no-go areas and as soon as they are within the radius of those areas, parents are alerted and they can enquire about it to their kids. This ensures avoiding dangerous areas and keeping safe.

Family Locator App to help in Emergency

When there is any emergency or distress, our first thoughts are about our family. Where are they, are they safe?

With the help of CatchMe, you can see their location on live map and reach them quickly. If your family member raises an alert, with the help of app messaging, you could enquire about their problem and can reach them quickly by accessing their location.

The SOS Alarm button helps in raising the alarm in a dangerous situation so that help could reach you quickly and police or nearby friends can come to your rescue.

Family Locator App to locate your loved ones

In small situations where you cannot involve police, still you need to locate someone, then what to do? The answer for these types of situations is family locator app. Apart from helping you in distress situations; CatchMe also helps you in locating missing family members such as small kids, elderly parents, or pets.

Kids do not know their way around and sometime took wrong turn and end up lost, also elder people forget sometimes and are worried about getting back home. For such types of situations, CatchMe is providing a locator device, which would help you in locating family members easily. Now no need to fret and raise neighborhood alarm, with the help of locator device you could easily locate your missing family members and see to their safety.

These locator devices are available for free with CatchMe download as part of promotional offer. These are the best gift a parent can give to their child or elder dependants and throw away all the worries and stress.

CatchMe is an initiative of CatchMe Global to make the world a safer place. We hope for a better and secure world. For more details visit –

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