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Tips for Making Your Teen Outing Safer with CatchMe Family Locator App

Making your teen son or daughter learn about safety is very important. A tool like CatchMe Friends and Family Locator App can make a considerable difference. Most of the undesirable incidents and accidents are preventable, so talking to your teen and establishing safety habits as a family can make a big difference. One of such safety habit is making their location easily accessible to the parents or the guardians through sharing their live-location.

The concern parents always want to monitor the whereabouts of their wards due to their excessive care quotient. While making the efforts to ensure the safety of their son or daughter, they need a precise tool which can make their requirement fulfilled easily. As busy working parents with demanding work schedules, they need a fine tool.

CatchMe is one such Friends and Family Locator App which makes their effort efficient and ensures the safety of their wards. They know they need a good live-location sharing app to monitor the children’s movement, and to replace the hassle and irritation of calling and non-stop messaging.

How CatchMe Friends and Family Locator App Helpful to the Parents

Let’s see how that Friends and Family Locator App, CatchMe can be helpful to the parents in ensuring the safety of their son and daughter and how to ensure live-location sharing becomes a safety habit.

  1. Discuss the importance of location sharing and make them understand the need. Although your teen may feel invincible, ensure they understand any kind of accident can change people’s lives in a matter of seconds. For example, let them know that staying connected with the parents & guardian through CatchMe is actually making their lives safer.
  2. Monitor your family’s driving behavior, and review it with them. The CatchMe App can provide the location related information of everyone in the family. A weekly location-based summary for each family member provides an easy way to sit down together and review that everyone is practicing the safe driving behavior.
  3. Set a good example. Parents are the first and most influential role models kids can have. Using the Friends and Family Locator App CatchMe could be a way to stay focused during work without interrupting the family for real-time updates.
  4. The CatchMe App is available as Web App and Android App, also coming soon for iOS platform. This flexibility regarding app makes CatchMe a good choice as a Friends and Family Locator App within a family.

The CatchMe app is a very unique app which provides smoother user experience than most of the locator apps in the App-stores which are difficult to use and unreliable. CatchMe is a highly precise location sharing, user- friendly, permission-based app for the family. Download the app from the Play-store now and share as much as you can. As your efforts may strengthen the family bond by ensuring their safety.

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