Family Vacations With Catchme (GPS Locator App) – More Fun, Fewer Worries

People love going on vacation with family and friends and at this down time they would rather have fun than worry about safety of loved ones. To help you stay safe and enjoy your vacation fully, CatchMe Global has brought you the best GPS Locator App for android called CatchMe. With the download of this app in your as well as your family members phone and using locator devices for kids’ too young to have their own phones, you can safely enjoy your holidays and have maximum fun. We will tell you how to enjoy your vacations with more fun and fewer worries with the help of this location sharing app; CatchMe

Benefits of going a little technology friendly

GPS Locator Apps are best when it comes to ensuring your family’s safety. With Global Developments and technological advancements, there are very few remaining places on earth where you will not get mobile network/internet access. Therefore, why not use this to your advantage and plan a stress less holiday.

When you travel to a new location, you always do not know about the exact address and directing someone to reach you could be a futile exercise. With the help of GPS Locator App, your family members can access your location on the map and can easily reach you.

In crowds, you can always set up a meeting area; therefore, if any member gets lost, he/she can easily reach the meeting area and wait for others there. This helps in enjoying market places individually without the worries of being left behind.

Children are more susceptible to wander of and are in danger of losing their way in huge crowds. With the help of locator device that comes with this free GPS locator Application, you can easily see their location and quickly reach them.

No matter how many precautions we take, sometimes accident do happen on the trip and for that, we need medical assistance. So if you are out camping or trekking and you hurt yourself, what are you going to do? Call family members and let them know the location, but even you are not sure of the exact location. In situations such as these, it helps if you have already installed CatchMe on your phone. With the help of GPS Locator App, emergency services would get your location with the help alert you raise. It becomes easier for them to reach and assist you and obviously, the time saved would be blissful for you.

Last but not the least benefit of this GPS Location Sharing App is finding services. With the help of search tool, you can find local service providers such as laundry services or restaurants nearby. Whether you are renting a house or living in a hotel room, there are many services required during your stay and to search for those specific services, internet is the handiest tool. With the help of CatchMe search services you can find tour guides, freelance translators or doctor’s nearby.

Only with this single GPS Locator App, you can enjoy the above mentioned benefits and many more during your vacation. Relieving stress and relaxing are the main objectives of any holiday and CatchMe provides all these and many more.

Download CatchMe before going on a vacation and enjoy your stay with more fun and fewer worries. Enjoy your vacation and do share us with your vacation must-have and useful tips.

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