How to increase business productivity with Live Location App

CatchMe for Business helps you increase business productivity using Geo Navigation & Real-time notifications marketing. Live Location App would make your brand image & increase customers recall too.

Business in Digital Era

Mobile & Internet usage is growing at a rapid pace with 4.61 Billion mobile phone users worldwide in 2016. By 2019, China is predicted to reach 1.4 billion mobile connections and India almost 1.1 billion.

This has led to a digital revolution where businesses have changed the way they provide services & maintain customer relations. There are many platforms such as Social Media Websites, Apps, Review sites which have to be maintained in order to attract customers & make them stay loyal to your brand. In this competitive environment where big businesses spend loads of money on digital platforms, competing with them becomes difficult. However, you have a business & you want to make it grow, build your brand, so how to go about it?

There is now an easy way to improve services, provide better customer relationships, meet timelines & reduce costs – all possible with one multi-purpose Live Location App, CatchMe.

Improve your business productivity with Live Location Application

Setting up a business is easy however maintaining that business, increasing profitability and overall growth is not so easy, especially in this competitive environment where big brands are putting everything in driving out the competitors. Therefore use this Live Location Application and give your competitors a run for their money.

Live Location Application has many benefits chiefly being sharing your location for safety, connectivity etc. However being a business owner you can use CatchMe for benefiting your business and increasing Returns on Investments. We have made a list of some of the benefits of using Live Location App –

  • Your location is your address – With CatchMe Live map, mark you location so that others can find it easily. Your business visibility increases with location marking. Anyone looking for the services in that particular area could easily find your business & contact you through your profile.
  • Search By Keywords – When you create profile in this live location app, you are asked for keywords. These keywords are words that describe you business in the best possible way. For example someone searching for Veg Restaurant or Computer repair etc can easily find you through keywords.
  • Get orders through app – You can put your menu or services in the pictures gallery and get orders through the app. There is chat option also where you can ask your customers pertaining questions or preferences etc.
  • Let customers track deliveries – Your delivery personnel have CatchMe installed in their phones, customers can easily track the route followed by delivery boy, time taken or delay to receive the package or send address pointers making your service a memorable experience.
  • Track Employees/Vehicles – Many times you lost business due to tardiness of employees or employees fake being stuck in traffic or break-down situations. See their movement, speed, traffic – all on this Live Location Application and improve their productivity through route optimization etc.
  • Reduce costs of business – No need to invest in many softwares such as attendance, tracking, complaints etc. Now with this single application you can do all the above mentioned things & many more
  • Safety of Employees – Businesses have to provide workplace safety & doing this for delivery boys or field employees is very difficult. Provide safety to employees with CatchMe. Create safe areas of locations they have to visit so that admin is notified when they enter or leave. Employees can also send SOS if they need some help.
  • Send real-time notifications – You can easily send real-time notifications or business promotion feeds to your customers in a single area. Custom your target area & send discounts / offers as soon as customers enter that area for maximum impact.

These are some of the ways through which you can easily build your brand as well as increase customer satisfaction. Through one single Live Location Application, you can make a lot difference to your business. CatchMe is available for free at Google Play Store. Download the free version of the app for trial and you can later connect for the premium version. Do tell us how CatchMe helped in your business.

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