Are you alert for your kids’ safety?

Kids’ safety app to keep you children, family & friends safe

The bliss of being young and innocent – no idea of pain, hunger, and fear therefore it is a mother’s responsibility to keep their kids away from all difficulties as much as she can. Kids are happy in their own world and see well in everything. So in any fatality or disaster they don’t understand what is going on and why they are hurting. They need their parents to tell them everything is going to be fine.

No parent wants to experience something like this ever. They pray for safety of their kids whenever they step out of the comfort of home. Parents know the risks these days but to give your kids all the freedom, learning options, and experiences of life they have to go through this daily.

Kids’ safety is major concern with increase in accidents

With the rise in accidents due to rash and drunken driving, safety while on the roads has become the biggest concern for any parent. Lately there have been many cases of termination of school bus drivers due to failing alcometer test. The detention of 8 bus drivers in past 10 days (as on 2nd Sep 2016) has raised this kids’ safety issue again.

Schools charge heavy transportation fee so safety of kids is their responsibility and should be taken seriously. Still cases of drunken accidents, assault are being reported in news daily.

There are many small safety issues which most of us neglect but can become big problems sometime. Cases such as where kids are mistakenly left behind in the school or dropped at the bus stop without waiting for their respective parents to reach there to collect them. As such these are minor fibs and don’t require much attention but many times these small issues rolled into big one and put children’s life into risks.

So being a concern mom, what can you do for your kids’ safety?

Most parents took their kids to school themselves but it is not a viable option for both-parent-working families. After school, kids have to go for some hobby courses, sport activities, or tuition classes, so how can you spend your whole day transporting them from one place to another without affecting your own work.

We have asked this question of looking after kids 24*7 to many parents and they all wish to assign a caretaker with their children all the time. Alas, this is not possible unless you are very rich. Therefore, we have developed free of cost caretaker – CatchMe – a Kids’ Safety App.

So how can you stay alert for your kids’ safety?

With the help of technology, you can assign this caretaker 24*7 with your kids and be easy about your kids’ safety. This kids’ safety app, would locate your kids’ movements and notify you as soon as they get to their destinations (home, school, tuition etc).

With the help of locator device placed in your kids’ bag and school bus, you can see when they boarded the bus, which route they are taking, and how far they are from the bus stop.

Many times, we don’t know that the school bus is stuck in a traffic jam or has broken down and the kids’ are going to be late. So we stand at the bus stop irrespective of the weather conditions and wait for them anxiously. This caretaker would help you in those situations also keeping you updated on the exact location of the school bus.

Kid’s safety in an emergency is now possible

CatchMe is one of the best kids’ safety app which comes with a locator device also. If there has been an accident, children have to press SOS Alarm on their locator device and you would be notified for help with their current location. In an emergency, we really want to reach our loved ones fastest so with the help of this location sharing app you can send someone closest to that location to help your family and ensure your kids’ safety.

We can never be too careful regarding our kids’ safety but we can take all the positive steps to ensure their maximum safety. This caretaker would wipe your maximum worries and help provide for safe living.

Follow safety precautions, download this family safety app and stay safe as well as connected with family & friends.

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