Kids’ Safety App

You go with your kids’ wherever they go with Kids’ Safety Application

CatchMe, a unique Kids’ Safety Application, provides you the option of following your kids’ to school and then home by the GPS enabled wearable locator device that comes with this App.

Kids’ Safety App is the need of today’s world due to increasing road accidents, violence etc. Kids are safest in parents care and there can be no one better than parents to keep an eye on them for their welfare, safety, & security. However, it is not feasible for the parents to always keep an eye on kids due to the growing life demands, hectic work schedules, as well as both parents working family type. Hence, this Kids’ Safety App to keep an eye on your children, keep them safe & keep you updated as soon as they enter or leave safe areas.

With the wearable device that is GPS enabled, which comes with this Kids’ Safety App, you can now accompany your kids to school, dance classes or for sport sessions. All you have to do is place the Locator device on your kids’ wrist and download this GPS Locator app from android or apple app stores.

You can access the live location of your kid on the App’s live maps. With the help of live location, you can see the route taken by your kid, stoppages made, and the destination where they are going.

Kids’ Safety Application provides you Safe Areas

CatchMe is a very different Kids’ Safety Application, which provides many unique features to aid family security. One such feature is marking safe areas. With this app, you can mark certain areas as safe areas for example – school, home, park, dance class. When your kid reaches the safe area, a pop-up alert would notify you that he/she has reached there.

So, without actively looking after the route taken, you can wait for the time it takes to reach those destinations and if after that time you do not receive the alert that means you kid is delayed or went somewhere else.

Kids’ Safety Application provides you Chatting option also

If the wearable device, which comes with this Kids’ Safety Application, is telling you, you kid has still not reached his destination, in fact, he is going somewhere else, then you can chat up with him with the chatting option available in CatchMe. Chatting option is very handy for panicking mothers who fill their minds with dreadful thoughts at the drop of the hat.

Staying alert is healthy and every parent should stay alert but panicking is not good. Therefore, if you kid has still not reached the safe area, message him and ask, where is he and why has he not reached home yet.

Most Important Feature of This Kids’ Safety App – Emergency Alert

Without SOS Alarm, no Family Safety Application is complete. CatchMe also provides the option of raising alarm in emergencies. Teach your kid to push the alarm button on the wearable Locator Device if he/she feels danger or need some medical help. Once the alarm is raised, a notification is send to parents and emergency services with the latest location of the kid.

This features works on Geo Fencing and Geo Location. With the help of alert and location given in the alert, aid could be quickly provided to kids and parents can reach their kids as soon as they can.

An estimated 5 million to 7.5 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year and this is the main reason for various security related issues such as accidents, violent assaults, bullying etc. With the help of CatchMe, keep your kids safe and secure. With a little effort, we can make this world – a better and safer place for kids worldwide.


Download this Kids’ Safety App from Google Play Store ( ) & shed your worries about their security.

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