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How Using Live Location Sharing App Is Very Beneficial to You

Using mobile apps like CatchMe, a dynamic real-time live location sharing app provides many benefits for the users on the individual basis as well as for the business purposes too.

A recent survey done on the regular smart-phone users revealed that a majority of smart-phone users like to share location. The number of users has increased over last two years and still expected to grow as it provides more personalized experience to the users.

There may be several reasons which encourage an average smart-phone user for using the live location sharing apps such as CatchMe, some of the main reasons are as follows.

  1. Social Connectivity
  2. Travelling
  3. Weather
  4. Photo/Video
  5. News


What Are the Benefits for Users While Using Catchme Like Live Location Sharing App

As mentioned above Social Connectivity and Travelling are the factors included in main reasons of allowing live location sharing. The CatchMe app which is a dynamic live location sharing app is also advantageous for such usage along with some more benefits. Let’s see how it is applicable to such requirements.

  1. Social Connectivity: As the Google, Twitter, Facebook etc are pushing the users for sharing their location; basically they provide more personalized services and better connectivity with near ones by doing so. Similarly, through the live location sharing feature of CatchMe, you too get connected with the near and dear ones such as friends and family members.
    Such connection with own people provide more calmness and focused feeling to the CatchMe user. You can instantly share or ask for the location of your own people and proceed as required with better preparation. You can also chat with the contacts and use real time communication in your favor.
  2. Travelling: While travelling, whether on daily basis or on any occasion, whether you are going office or somewhere outdoor to explore a new place, the location based CatchMe can be very helpful.
    While going office or visiting some localised place for meeting, business or some other purpose, you can determine the best suitable path with minimum traffic and save your valuable time. If you are travelling to some new place, then through the Geo-fencing (Meeting circle) feature, you can mark the destination place and CatchMe will start to alert if you get nearby it.

Similarly, if you are going out-of-station to explore any new place, you can use Geo fencing (Meeting circle) feature and reach there without getting lost while saving your valuable time.

  1. Safety by Location Sharing: You can also keep your location shared with trusted contacts so that you can stay connected and avoid any miss-happening. No need to do frequent calls; just share the location once become carefree while focusing on your main endeavor.
  2. SOS Feature: In case, any accident happens then through SOS feature, which works even in the absence of internet or telecom network then you immediately and simultaneously alert the preset contacts along with the nearest Police & Medical Services just with one-touch button.

There are lots of features embedded in CatchMe, the dynamic live location sharing app. Download the app now through Google’s PlayStore, or by visiting our official website and explore more features which can be very useful to you in different situations.

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