Planning Family Vacations or Get-together with Friends is now easier with CatchMe

Share GPS Location with Family & Friend Locator App – CatchMe and enjoy stress free holidays

There are many tidbits to consider & knick-knacks to pack before going on a vacation, additionally get-togethers required lot of thinking, planning, coordinating. Thus, the whole idea of downloading stress, basking or enjoying without care becomes moot.

CatchMe Global has brought a unique Family & Friend Application so that families can not only stay safe & secure but also plan stress-free vacations, parties, get-togethers etc. Let us detail, how you are going to ensure safety of family & friends as well as enjoy parties through CatchMe.

Keeping your Loved Ones Safe & Secure

CatchMe is a Family Safety Application, which also provides many benefits apart from safety. When you download this app, all the family members, or friends can create group in which they can share live location with each other. You can chose a single person to share live location with him/her individually too.

Sharing GPS Location with Family & Friend Locator App increases your safety as well as provides better chances of fighting any type of disaster. Human safeties instincts work very finely so if you ever hear some warning bells; share your live location with trusted contacts, so that they can reach you or guide you to safety.

CatchMe also provides SOS/Emergency Help feature where users can send texts with location co-ordinates, for help. These alerts could be send to emergency contacts or service too. With the press of upper volume key for few seconds, you can discreetly ask for help, even without taking out your cell phone. If alert response time is very low, chances of escaping or thwarting attack increases highly. People have been saved in past with GPS Tracking software and CatchMe would definitely help save lives too.

Enjoying Your Vacations with Minimum Stress

Your vacations would definitely be stress free with this Family & Friend Locator App as it helps in keeping family safe as well as connected. All you have to do is install CatchMe and add everyone in the group. For kids or elders who don’t carry smart phones, can wear Locator device, which comes with this app.

GPS Location sharing is very essential if you are going some new place for vacations as with sharing live location, you can easily keep in touch with each other, even if you don’t know the local address. This family safety app also comes handy in local searches. If you need something or some service late night – Where to go? Who to ask then?

You can easily find local services through the search options. Just enter the keyword and search for services and you would get local service providers easily.

Plan your Get-Together or Business Meetings with CatchMe

Latest technologies such as Geo-Fencing have been brilliantly used in this Family & Friend Locator App so as users get maximum advantage of GPS technologies & Location based services.

If you want to plan a get-together with friends or have a business meeting, you can mark meeting area on live map, virtual area of physical location, and invite contacts to this meeting with time & date. As soon as connected users, enter or exit that meeting area, you would be notified. This helps a lot in planning of meetings especially in crowded areas.

Now you don’t have to make calls and search for friends in crowd. You can relax, shop or do something else and as soon as they reach the area, you can quickly visit them. This saves a lot of time as you can use this feature for many instances such as home/school for kids, office for spouse, bus station to know about school bus quickly. In many ways this Geo-Fencing technique is going to help you safe time as well as provide safety too.

Whenever you step outside, do not forget to share GPS Location with this Family & Friend Locator App to provide peace of mind to family members. Privacy is utmost to everyone, therefore only you can decide when to share your location and with whom to share it as well as when to stop sharing your location. This negates any type of misuse by users.

The rest is up to you, how you can use this wonderful Family & Friend Locator App to maximum advantage and enjoy stress free vacations or get-togethers.

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