Ensure Your Children’s Safety via CatchMe App

Ensuring the safety of their children is the first and most important responsibility of any parent. The world can be a very dangerous place for children and ensure their safety is not easy without the help of efficient tools. CatchMe, the Friends & Family Locator App can very useful in such requirements.

Live location tracking feature of CatchMe can be one such technique which strengthens the efforts of ensuring the safety of a child or even an individual along with a variety of similar ways including through GPS tracking, Geo fencing, and many more advanced location-based services. Due to having many of such useful features, CatchMe can be considered as the best Friends & Family Locator App.

Best Feature of Catchme is Live-Location Sharing

As you may be already aware of, a majority of smart phones these days are coming with integrated GPS sensors within it. This enables those smart phones to function with a number of location-based features and services. These can be very diverse, from Google Maps to Ola, Uber and much more such apps having location-based targeting requirements.

These GPS sensors can also be helpful for the apps that focus on GPS tracking and location sharing such as CatchMe, making it the perfect Friends & Family Locator App. And therefore, a smartphone can be transformed into a tracking device which can be used to ensure that your children are in a safe area while being monitored by you. Not only for the children but for grownups too, CatchMe can be a very useful app for ensuring their safety during unusual conditions.

In case, you don’t want to spoil your child by providing a smartphone but still equally concern about their safety then also CatchMe can be useful. Being the best Friends & Family Locator App, they provide such GPS devices too which can be used for live location sharing through it.

How CatchMe ensures Child Safety as well as Family Safety

There are several features built in the CatchMe which makes it a unique Live Location Sharing App and a perfect Friends & Family Locator App.

  • The prime feature constituted in the CatchMe app is the feature that allows users to share their location with selected trusted contacts. This feature is very powerful because CatchMe is highly accurate and you can share it with many persons at once simultaneously, including an always-on setting which can be very useful for parents.
  • CatchMe will allow you to track a phone’s GPS location in real time through the app, and also through the dedicated website. You can log-on through the official website catchme.global and by using your phone number or email id and use it via web.
  • CatchMe is also having the additional capability of setting up geofences known as Meeting Circle within the App, which will allow you to be notified whenever your child enters or leaves a specific zone, such as their school or your home or someplace where you don’t want to let them go.

Advanced Features of CatchMe app beneficial for Family Safety

While location-tracking app CatchMe is a fabulous option for parents who simply want to see where their children are located, there are other features which extend that purpose and add more functionality to an otherwise basic service. These additional features make it a perfect Friends & Family Locator App.

  • In case of emergency situation, the CatchMe can send alert to a pre-defined set of contacts along with local police and medical services simultaneously with the help of SOS Feature. SOS can be sent easily through a just one-touch button and since it’s a siren based alert, it becomes hard to get missed by the concern persons.
  • The Chat feature is a very useful in-built service which allows you to have a conversation with another CatchMe user in real time while also affording access to other basic features. This allows parents to send a message through the app on their children’s devices and then ensure that they are safe at all times, even when their children cannot pick up their phones for one reason or the other.

This bundle of features can be significantly helpful for the parents. Ensuring safety through CatchMe for families is a very advanced and precise thing. Parents who are technologically inclined can finally take advantage of the many more features offered by CatchMe, the Friends & Family Locator app.

Download the app now from Google’s Playstore. Visit the official website, www.catchme.global for further info about the CatchMe App.

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