Family Organizer App or Getting One-In-All Family Safety App

Family Organization is very important in these busy times but downloading only the family organizer app is no more sufficient – make the smart decision & go for family safety app
As much as inventions and machines make living easier, life is getting busier and busier. Juggling with jobs, social life, family time, staying updated on news, doing household chores (obviously with machines); all these takes a lot of time and we forgot many small details throughout the day.
Details such as running out of milk, dentist appointment, or parents-teachers meeting are left behind in the hustle bustle and we remember them too late. It is too much to manage in too few hours in a day. Even kids’ as young as five year old have their own hectic schedules, going school, going for swimming lessons, extra studies etc. Most mothers grapple with all these information and try to be a supermom by doing it all alone. And lets be truthful, we are humans and we make mistakes, so no need to do it all yourself and forget some responsibilities which we would regret later. Get help of the amazing family organizer app.
This is not so much as an organizer but this app helps in family organization very much. Many parents have different apps for different purposes such as family organization, kids’ safety, GPS Locator, and Emergency Alert etc.
CatchMe is the only family safety app, which provides all the solutions in one app. You do not need to download many different apps as with this one single app you can ensure safety, security, emergency alert, as well as connectivity.

Family Organizer App do not provide connectivity
There are many emergency alert apps in the market but CatchMe is a one of a kind, family safety app, which provides emergency alert option with connectivity as well.
Different people have different levels for emergency, for a mother, a scraped knee can be an emergency while for someone else losing money could be disastrous. Therefore, the chat option comes handy as after receiving alert text, you can chat with the person and ask them about the problem as well as guide them respectively.
Family Organizer App do not alert mothers on school bunking by kids
This family safety app gives option to create safe areas, thereby alerting you to entering and leaving of safe areas of those who are in your circle. A mother can designate school and home as safe areas and as soon as kids’ reaches or left both, parents would get alert and know immediately those kids’ are outside. This helps in keeping the family safe.
Family Organizer App does not help in locating your kids or pets 
This family safety app comes with a locator device, which can be easily placed on young kids’ wrists, or on pets. With the help of this device, you can access the live location on CatchMe’s live map and check up on them for their safety. In crowds, this family safety app is very handy, as kids tend to roam or get lost in huge crowds.
Family Organizer App does not cut phone or trivial questions time
We often make frequent calls to enquire about basic schedules such as when you will be reaching home, have you reached school/office, how late are we for the dinner date etc.
These questions take up a lot of our personal time and we end up juggling between getting ready or making dinner and hanging on phone as well. This family safety app reduces this question asking time as you can easily check if your kids have reached school or if your husband is stuck in the traffic.
When all points are considered, it is better to have a family safety app than a family organizer app. We are not discrediting any app and its work but if you can get many benefits as well as family organization in one app then why not go for it.
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