friends & Family locator app

Friends & Family Locator App

How Safe Your Family & Friends Are? Get the Best with Friends & Family Locator App

A live-location sharing app CatchMe is the perfect Friends & Family Locator App because it ensures the safety of your friends and family members without interfering their privacy. With the use of the CatchMe app, you can assure the safety of each member of your family whether elderly or teenagers or school going children, at once.

In case, your child is too young to carry a smartphone, CatchMe offers supportive tracking devices for them. These easy to handle devices can be kept in their school bag or can be worn as a wristwatch and it will notify you their live-location instantly. Such device related advantage makes the CatchMe the best Friends & Family Locator App.  

Almost every individual remains conscious about the safety of their family members while they are at work or out of home due to any reason. In these troublesome times when you can never be sure whether they are safe or not, it creates a constant nuisance in the mind. Along with your best guidance and supervision, you can only provide them the knowledge and tools to look after themselves during testing times. Being a perfect Friends & Family Locator App CatchMe can be very helpful in such necessity. Let’s see some of the benefits and how the CatchMe is going to be helpful for you.

What are the Risks You Tackle by Installing this Friends & Family Locator App or CatchMe.

  1. Accidents are one of the major causes of death of the kids or even for the grownups. A recent report by National Crime Records Bureau & Ministry of Road Transport & Highway tells us that there are 17 deaths occurring every hour due to a road accident in India.
    In these road accidents, at an average 20 children under the age of 14 die every day. If they could have got timely medical services of even the first aid from the average person, then the stats might have been less painful.
  2. Kidnapping or abduction is also a severe crime happening at a considerable rate in our society. A report from the National Crime Records Bureau states that a child goes missing every eight minutes, in India. Almost half of those children are never been found.
    These kidnapping may have been done for extortion or trafficking purpose and with the live-location sharing feature, we may avoid such mishappening and expect more recoveries.  

These were just few examples of risks and challenges that we may face while ensuring the safety of our family members and friends. There are many other similar risks which can be tackled with a precise location sharing based tool such as CatchMe. Being the live location sharing feature as the main feature of CatchMe App, it becomes apt to call it a Friends & Family Locator App.

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How This Friends & Family Locator App CatchMe is Exactly Helpful for You

Ensuring safety of the Family safety is a round-the-clock job and therefore, requires 24*7 internet connectivity and GPS enabled device. But with CatchMe the Friends & Family Locator App you can do the above mentioned thing just with the help of the Smartphone.

There are many advantages of this Friends & Family Locator App in ensuring safety of your Friends & Family.

  1. You can mark the particular areas such as school, home etc as Meeting Circle or Geo-Fence them. The CatchMe instantly notifies you as soon as any participant of that Meeting Group which may be your family member or kid enters or exits those marked areas.
    So you can even know the moment whenever teenage son or daughter arrives in area where they shouldn’t go and ensure their safety promptly.
  2. You can determine the live movement of your kids or your family members through the live-location sharing feature of the Friends & Family Locator App CatchMe.
  3. You alongwith your children are no longer needed to wait for the school bus. Just use CatchMe to know live location of the bus and get notified whenever they arrive and leave the school premises.
  4. CatchMe is also having SOS feature. So in case of emergency, you get notified and can raise alarm to help your child within time while having information about their live location.
  5. If your child is going for Camping trips or any other family member is going on a trip, CatchMe can keep you connected through live location feature even if they do not know the area themselves. This not only strengthens the family bond but also ensures the safety.

The  live location sharing based app CatchMe is need of the hour for everyone. Being a perfect Friends & Family Locator App, it helps us to ensure safety just through Smartphone’s. Download the peace of your mind and reduce your worries regarding family safety by downloading CatchMe now!

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