How safe are you on the roads?

Safety on the roads today is not a certainty with people breaking rules, driving while texting on phone or driving drunk. With the increasing number of road accident deaths, how are you going to stay safe?

Drunk Drivers – A risk to your safety

You are a safe driver, observing all precautions, following the traffic rules strictly however a car soon swerved in front of you bumping into another car. That driver was drunk & risking his & others life.

This has become a common scenario for many who commute daily in tough traffic conditions. You may have seen or experienced such cases yourself, sometimes being a victim or helping a victim of road accident.

With the increase in drunk driving especially during weekends & holidays, you are at risk even if you are an exemplary driver.

How to Avoid Drunk Drivers?

According to a study conducted by WHO, Alcohol is responsible for 10.9% of global fatalities in traffic accidents and alcohol related accidents are twice likely to be fatal. 

Now the question arises what to do? Many people ask, we have to go to office or go shopping on weekends and we cannot avoid traffics so what to do? We can be careful and pray. Yes you cannot avoid drunk drivers. You cannot save yourself from something unseen; however you can get help quickly to avoid trauma & permanent disabilities due to delay in medical aid.

To get quick medical services, there is a solution available in the form of a Family Safety Application – CatchMe.

Family Safety Application with SOS to your rescue

We are not saying that this application would save you from drunk drivers. However with the press of the SOS button you can get help as quickly as possible with this safety app. SOS is becoming mandatory in our lives because of the uncertainty we face daily.

You don’t know when something disastrous happens and when you would need help quickly. In such life threatening scenarios, you get only few seconds to call for help. Unlocking the phone, searching contacts and making the call & telling your location, would take much time and not advisable when you have to get away from crash site.

However we hope, you never have to face such situations but if you do happen to be involved in a road accident, press the upper volume key for few seconds and alerts with your live location coordinates are send to Police/Medical & Emergency Contacts. By accessing your live location they can reach you quickly & give you the help required.

According to Doctors & trauma specialists, the first hour after any injury is very crucial. Doctors have termed this as ‘Golden Hour’ where time matters most. In many cases life or death is decided in the time you get the medical aid. Therefore calling ambulance or paramedics as soon as possible would determine your recover time.

Smart Phones – Your Family Safety Gadget

We always carry our smart phones with us and depend on it for many services. So it is natural to depend on it for emergencies too. Download CatchME and use it to safeguard your family & yourself. There are many other uses of this Family Safety Application apart from SOS alarm, visit the website to know more about how this app can be useful for you & your family.

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