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Why Live Location Sharing Family Locator App CatchMe is must for Family Security

If an individual working at an office or staying the home needs to know the wellness of their children then they don’t have a certain way to know the current condition of their children. If a person wants to know about the current status of their spouse, they may not be having a certain tool to determine the live-location. There are many other such situations where we find us unable to locate our dear ones including friends and family members.

Over the recent years, the security concern has been increased significantly for an average person. A person has to make him/her self secure and also has to ensure the security of their dear ones especially the family members. This may become a lot easier if one can easily and swiftly determine live location.

Though one may need to find an efficient tool to get the exact live location of any another individual in real time, in that case, there is a fine app named as CatchMe: A Friends & Family Locator App, which can be very helpful in such situation. Let us first get acquaintance with the App called CatchMe: A Friends & Family Locator App.


What is CatchMe?

CatchMe is a Live-Location Sharing Mobile App, which is currently available for Android Mobiles and soon coming for iOS devices too, also an effective tool for the individuals to share or find the precise live-location of other users instantly. Such empowerment regarding live-location sharing can be very useful in ensuring the safety of an individual. It is known as CatchMe: A Friends & Family Locator App. Get to know more about the CatchMe app by visiting the official website and just download the app from Google’s Playstore to explore more features.
How is CatchMe useful to you?

There are lots of things which may become easier if we have the CatchMe app installed in our devices for finding or sharing the live-location. Friends and Family members are the top beneficiaries of the CatchMe app. Let’s see how it is going to be helpful for us and our family too.

  1. Child Safety: Whether you are having a school-going son or a teenage daughter, like any concerned parent you must be feeling slightly anxious about them at occasions. A moment like your son is at school or daughter getting late than a certain time generates a chain of strange thoughts. Here, as a trusted family locator app, CatchMe can make you calm through live-location sharing feature. You can monitor the live-location of bus or vehicle through which your child commutes. If your son/daughter is not replying your text or call, then you can just observe their live-location instantly. If your child is not permitted to have a phone, then the attractive range GPS devices can compensate that lacking and help you finding the live-location of your child.
  2.  Women Safety: Women are the most vulnerable part of the society and become the victim of the most of the crimes happening on the daily basis whether they are living in urban or rural setup. The women whether going out for professional work or some personal work, it makes the other member of the family little concerned about their security till they get back to home.   For such cases, CatchMe app can be a handy option as it lets your location get shared with trusted contacts and whether you are in the office or moving in a taxi-cab or even if going out of station for a trip. Download the CatchMe App and share it with more people and ensure their safety.
  3. Search & Find the Friend: It happens many times that you plan to meet a friend or with a group of friends but not able to connect with them at a critical time. So instead of wasting your time in searching them aimlessly or waiting for them without any definite timeline, you can simply find their live-location on the immediate basis and accordingly decide to continue or discontinue with the get-together plan, which will save your valuable time.
  4. Elder Person Safety: As we know that the health of Elder person gets health deteriorated further with passing time and they may need proper attention anytime. Sadly, we cannot remain with them on 24×7 basis, but the family locator app CatchMe certainly can. Get their location determined any moment instantly and act quickly if in any case such thing required.
  5. Individual Safety in SOS situation: Apart from above-mentioned situation any individual may get stuck in an emergency situation. If your car gets totaled in middle of nowhere or during late night hours, you can stay connected with trusted contact through location sharing, the prime feature of the CatchMe and ask them for help. They can find easily due to your shared location through CatchMe.
  6. Relief Work after Natural Disasters: After natural calamities like flood, earthquake or cyclone most of us find someone from their acquaintances missing. CatchMe can make you determine the location easily if the location was shared with you by that person. Therefore, CatchMe App makes it much easier to you get their live location known and find them physically.

These were some of the reason which tells why a live location sharing family locator app like CatchMe is helpful for you any sincere person concerned about safety and security of their loved ones including friends and family. Download the app now and get it shared with as many persons as you can, making it easier for all to stay connected and stay safe. Click NOW!

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