How to Make Your Family Member Feel Safer

Some people just never show up on time. Many people won’t respond to the text or call when you try to know their location. Unfortunately, such persons can be often having both traits within themselves, which gets more annoying when you try to meet up with such persons.

For such cases, CatchMe is here to help. CatchMe is a perfect Friends and Family Locator App which can resolve such problems by keeping track of someone’s whereabouts if you have a group of friends or family members who have smartphones with them. CatchMe is an App built for Android, which helps to locate and find the friends and family members easily.

Since CatchMe provides the flexibility of cross-platform options for location sharing, so CatchMe is one that you should be happy with. You can install it on your ever-tardy family member or friend’s phone right away just from the Google’s Playstore.

How CatchMe App Can Keep your Family Safe

With most teens having a smartphone and many parents are also having one as well, therefore, it becomes easier to use CatchMe, which helps you in this technologically driven world to keep your family safe.


How can CatchMe app really keep kids safe?

How can this CatchMe app truly keep the whole family safe?

What is it that we can do to ensure CatchMe app becomes a positive part of the family?


Let’s discuss these questions to and understand through this guide that how CatchMe app is ensuring that your most beloved ones are safe at all times.

You may be having lots of apps already installed in your Android mobile. Apps are available for every kind of requirements. Your smartphone may be having app for every type of needs such as games, social media or blogging. Similarly, CatchMe is a perfect Friends and Family Locator App which certainly needs to be installed on your smartphone.

As a parent with the CatchMe app, you can easily be certain about the live-location of your family

  • when they travel,
  • head to school or
  • having meetup with friends.


CatchMe is highly beneficial for the parents are looking for assistance in using apps to keep their kids safe both in the emergency situation as well as during daily routine too.  CatchMe is easy to use app which helps you determine and share the live locations through the smartphone.

With CatchMe which is a very precise Friends and Family Locator App, there are many ways parents can use it and ensure their kids are safe.

  • Simply install the app, set it up so that you have it on your smartphone.
  • The kids have to install it on their smartphone or can use our GPS locator device.
  • Track the location your kids take throughout the day to know they are where they are supposed to be.

CatchMe is one of such Friends and Family Locator app which you want to go with, one that is trusted and was created while keeping family safety in mind. There may not be any other way to know for 100% sure that your family is always safe, but CatchMe app certainly can reduce the anxiety one has when wondering if their family is safe away from home.

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