Safeguard Your Family Smartly with CatchMe

CatchMe is a brilliant Friends & Family Locator App It is a smart tool which not only takes over your worries by keeping you updated instantly with the live-location of your family members and loved ones but also works as a smart alert tool in case of any emergency through SOS alert feature.

Family safety is an important factor which captures our mind. This app notifies you when your loved ones reach or exits the marked destination area, which ensures that you their safety as you can reach or provide help at their location they are, if any such requirement occurs.

Why is there need of Live-Location Sharing App

In today’s world which is full of crime, rash driving, drug abuse etc, the CatchMe App can be very useful is mitigating the ill-effects of such undesired happenings. If any bad situation occurs then, with the live-location of the family member, you can proceed for their well being.

So take one more step towards your family’s safety and download this friends & family locator app CatchMe now from the Google Playstore.

Though you may not be having even one live-location sharing based app in your phone right now but you get a brilliant one in the form of CatchMe. Get the live-location of your loved ones known through this friends & family locator app precisely. This helps you in acting efficiently at the time of need but also keeps a monitoring eye on the family members, specially the kids whether school-going or teenagers.

How CatchMe is A Smart Tool to Handle Kids

The CatchMe Friends & Family Locator app relieves you from a lot of stress by making known with live location of your family members. Those who have children are more concern about the safety of their children. In such cases, throughout the day a mother has to leave her kid in care of different persons, including school-bus driver, teachers, care-taker, friends, sports activity instructors, etc.

Even very young age kids have to leave house for two-three times on daily basis, during which parents are constantly busy checking their phones for messages or making phone calls to ensure their kids safety and to remain known with their whereabouts.

This is a nerve-wracking feeling and parents all over the world experience what I am talking about. In case, sometimes any delay happens in arrival, a strange feeling of helplessness takes you over and you remain waiting for your kid at the bus stop with no knowledge of why the school bus is late.

You can track school bus or conveyance of your kid through a CatchMe device available with this family locator app. You can instantly check the live-location of your kid and alter your schedule convincingly without any stress related to your kids’ safety.

How CatchMe is the Best in Handling SOS Situations

The CatchMe Friends & Family Locator app is the best tool for your help when there are unavoidable situations. Alongwith ensuring the safety of kids, being the best family safety application, CatchMe, can effectively ensure the safety of women too.

There is no dearth of emergency/SOS Alarm apps in app stores but CatchMe is different from others. This emergency family safety app will notify all your preset emergency contacts and police in case of any disaster. You just have to tap the easy-to-access SOS button to send the SOS alert through CatchMe.

The CatchMe not only alerts the trusted contact that you need help, but also shares the location through GPS through a hard-to-ignore siren based alarm tone. Even if you do not know the area personally, your live-location would be send to your preset emergency contacts and they would provide necessary assistance.

These were some of the basic benefits of features of CatchMe which helps in safe-guarding the women & children of your family. Install the CatchMe from Google Playstore, visit and share it more with friends and family for their safety.

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