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Top 5 benefits of installing Family & Friend Locator App in your smart phones

Let us discuss the benefits you can get with a single download of CatchMe, a GPS Family Locator App to keep you company 24*7.

CatchMe is a Family & Friend Locator App launched by CatchMe Global in an effort to provide better chances of keeping your family members & friends safe as well as to increase awareness about the dangers we face daily when we step outside.

When the world is moving in a very fast pace, violence & accidents are increasing, sometimes our closed ones become the target of this very violence & road accidents. Timely help has save many people from worse fates as we can see from personal experiences as well as reported incidents. Even doctors say that the medical help within the first 10 minutes are very crucial in increasing the recovery chances of accident victims. This all has led to the use of smart phones apps as safety alert devices through which we can inform other, ask for help, or respond to help alerts quickly.

The main goal of CatchMe is to provide safety, security to family & friends. Given below are the top 5 benefits of installing this Family & Friend Locator App in your smart phones.

  1. Safety – One of the most important benefits of installing this family locator app is that you can access real time location of friends or family members and reach them quickly, in times of need. CatchMe comes with a SOS Alarm button, which can be accessed in times of distress by pressing the shortcut key (upper volume key) for few seconds. This would send alerts to your emergency contacts or services with your live location. Real time location access has helped many from violence or accidents.
  2. Connectivity – Other Family & Friend Locator Applications in the market only give you location services functionalities while with CatchMe, you can not only share your location but can also message your friends with helpful information such as nearest hospital or medicine shop etc. You can chat with your friends to ensure you are coming while they wait for you.
  3. Saves Time – CatchMe is very user friendly & saves a lot of time in normal day-to-day activities. One of the features is creating meeting areas. You can create virtual meeting areas of physical locations with a defined radius. As soon as other users enter or exit the radius, this safety app sends alerts and you would be updated on others locations. This feature can be used for schools, school bus, office, coaching classes etc. It depends on you, how you can judiciously use this feature to save time & manage work in a better way.
  4. Location Searches – CatchMe provides much functionality in this one Family & Friend Locator Application. The location searches feature helps you in locating professionals, handy men locally. When you create the profile on CatchMe, there is option for keywords, which can be your work profile or business name such as electrician, plumber, or restaurant. With the help of location searches, you can find professionals in your local area as well as promote your business also.
  5. Privacy – Many people are not comfortable with GPS Locator services but in this Family & Friend locator app, we have given privacy the utmost importance so that no one can misuse the app or harass other. CatchMe provides you with full privacy options where only after your assent you can share your location as well as stop sharing whenever you want. In addition, your profile has options of choosing to be public or private as well as live or static. Which means when you want only then you would be visible to others on the live location map otherwise, it won’t show your location at all.

These are some of the benefits of using GPS Locator App. You can ensure your family safety by downloading CatchMe from Android or Apple App Stores.

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