Family Locator App

Why using a Family Locator App is a big benefit

It seems the primary aim of life for every individual is to make the family secure from the primitive era. To make anyone feel protected you have to either know their live location or make your live location available them.  That’s the point where you feel the need of a dynamic Family Locator App. For such requirement, there is an app on which you can certainly rely upon is CatchMe.

What is this CatchMe- The Family Locator App  exactly?

You can locate your friends and family on the move, using this highly precise Family Locator App, CatchMe. You can add as many friends/relatives as you wish. All they need to have is the CatchMe app installed in their GPS-enabled phone and they will be able to locate your current coordinates.

Just ask to share the live location from your friends/family members by sending request from the CatchMe app. You will be notified and connected once they accept the request to share their live location. The app will keep updating the connected person’s location dynamically as they move.

 How CatchMe- The Family Locator App ensures family safety?

Let’s see how the usage of Family Locator App CatchMe is beneficial for you.

  1. Young children especially who go to school are considered most vulnerable part of the family. CatchMe easily ensures their safety. Through tracking the school bus with this app you can be sure about reaching and returning of your children.
  2. Let your loved ones track you at odd hours. It makes us anxious when someone from your family takes unusual time while returning home from somewhere. If your son/daughter is getting late from party or husband has not reached home from office or elders got out of sight, just use CatchMe and make yourself relaxed.
  3. The adventurous behavior of young age make life risky for adolescent and parents worry. But with CatchMe you can know if your son/daughter is driving their car faster than usual or have gone somewhere where they shouldn’t.
  4. If you are going on a long-drive and a big weekend getaway trip then, you may use this app to track your journey or your family and friends’ journey. It makes them feel more connected and in case of any accident, you will be able to act spontaneously and efficiently.
  5. With CatchMe you can easily guide someone from your friends or your family to your home/office, just by digitally sharing the location. Even if you are meeting someone at any new crowded place, CatchMe makes it easier to find and meet that person quickly.

Why CatchMe is better than other Family Locator Apps?

There are several advantages of using CatchMe as Family Locator App over other similar apps.

  1. Accuracy: CatchMe provides highly precise data regarding the live location of the user with an accuracy of approx. 3 meters in real-time.
  2. Ease: This app is designed with latest tools and techniques while focusing on providing a smooth user experience.
  3. Features. Along with highly precise live location real time, there are many more features making it an intelligent app.
  • You can know at what time where they were.
  • Geo-Fencing: Know if your family member is entering/leaving certain area.
  • Chat Feature: Having an open line of communication with your children is one of the most important tools in keeping them safe
  • SOS Feature: In the case of any accident, the one touch SOS button enables the user to quickly alert the preset trusted contacts, police and medical help services.

It’s been kind of relaxing thing for our family just to be able to see where everyone is, giving a sense of being connected even if we are going to different directions. Get the CatchMe app now, click here.


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