Family Safety App

How many times do you ask these questions?

There are some questions we ask daily and to save time and cut those questions, we have brought you the Family Safety App – CatchMe.

Family Safety App – Humans have an herent need to stay updated on even the minute changes in day-to-day life of those we love. With the advancement of technology and ease, this need has increased more and sometimes it leads to minute complications.

How many times do you ask these questions?

Where are you?

Have you reached safely?

When would you reach?

How long do I have to wait for you to reach?

Studies show that people ask these question or related statements at least 4-5 times a day on average. We, human beings have an inherent need to constantly check up on our family members and closed ones. With the invention of mobile phones, it has become much easier for people to call and check up on others.

However, lives have become busier also and due to meetings, prior engagements or any such reasons we cannot answer the phone. So what we do in those situations? Obviously, we call repeatedly, wasting our time, hearing the monotone ringing. Then after 2-3 unanswered calls, most of us panic. Mothers are most prominent in this panicking category of people.

Solution – see their Live Location with the Family Safety App

When we are getting voice mail repeatedly, many of us think (especially mothers) that something bad has happened. To avoid such worries, download the best family safety app, CatchMe.

With the features such as live location, chat, safe areas, as well as emergency alert, you can shed your worries. Now no more calling and asking, “Where are you?” with this GPS Locator app, you can check your family members location and see whether your kids have reached school or not.

Features such as setting meeting area, helps you in marking school or home as safe areas and whenever your kid reaches the school or home, an auto-alert is received, stating the current location. So there is no need to even check live map repeatedly, just mark safe areas and pop-ups would alert you to the reaching and leaving of kids.

Safety & Connectivity with this Family Safety App

Safety and connectivity are the most important requirements of today’s busy world and you would get both in this family safety app for android. Apart from the cliché – Food, Clothes & Home – the requirements of a common person, every human being has an inherent need to inquire about close person’s welfare as well as stay connected with them all the time.

CatchMe is the only family safety app, which provides safety, connectivity, as well as live location.

  • With the emergency alert SOS button, this gadget provides you safety in form of quick help from your close contacts or emergency services.
  • With in-app chat option, you can help guide someone through any difficult situation.
  • With meeting area setting, you can set safe areas and your contacts would receive alerts as soon as you reach safe areas.

Privacy is of main importance in this Family Safety App

One of the biggest concerns in live location apps is privacy therefore we have given privacy options in this family safety app. Only those who receive invite and accept it can see your live location. Users have the option to make their profile public or private. Even in public profile you can change the settings to static or dynamic, which means showing live location or a static location only.

The goal of CatchMe is to provide Family Safety App and make world a more secured place.

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